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When is the Right Time to Sell?

There are many myths and falsehoods on when the best time is to sell any kind of property. The best time to sell a property is simply whenever it benefits you! That being said, there are a few key factors that can enhance the sale value of your invest real estate. The very best time to sell any kind of investment property is when the property is thriving, so what does that look like?           a.       Prime building condition: This ensures that the property will show well to prospective buyers. If they are looking at your property as an investment, they will judge the book by the cover.           b.       You have long term, established leases with your tenants: This could be the biggest factor in how buyers will value your property. If all of your tenants are in 5-10 year leases that is much more preferable than say, 1-3 years.           c.       Property is 100% leased. This says to the buyer “No need to worry about finding tenants, they are already in place,”