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A Listening Ear.

  Compassion is a helpful quality in many professions; however, when you think about commercial real estate, compassion may not come to mind.  Let me tell you a story. I was recently asked to visit with a potential seller to discuss a property they were considering putting on the market. Prior to our meeting, I had been briefed on the situation, did some preliminary research, and felt confident I would get the listing and make the sale. When I arrived, the prospect had a different idea. She had just lost her husband, who, according to her, was the face of the business. The conversation centered mostly around the man her husband was, what he meant to her, how much she missed him, and everything he had poured into their business. This woman was looking for a friendly ear, so I listened. How could I not? Towards the end of our visit, we did transition to why I was there and got down to the business of it all. I left with the hope that I was able to provide her with good, dependabl

Farmland Selling Season

  As the days start to shorten and evenings begin to get cooler, we can feel that fall is just around the corner. This new season means the start of many things; school, sports, a change in color, but you might not know that fall also marks the start of Farmland Selling Season. From around Labor Day to April 1 st is when the most farmland acreage changes hands, approximately a seven month stretch. While there are any number of reasons that farmland might be brought to market, this type of transaction is typically spurred by a difficult or challenging season for the owner; such as the passing of a family member or end of a marriage. Such painful events can be tough to navigate already, but throw in the sale of long-held family property, charged emotions, and family dynamics, and it can feel nearly impossible. Guiding a family through the listing process, especially one surrounded by a tragedy, takes a gentle hand, listening ear, and trusted professionalism. I have assisted many fam