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Leasing Up Quickly

Getting a Building Leased Up Quickly Required a bit of Luck and Lots of Hard Work.  From Matthew Skiles   The Challenge Brad and I met in 2019 at a network meeting. During this market meeting, Brad asked for referrals for disgruntled building owners, and I was one of those. I had space for lease, and nothing seemed to be happening. So, I engaged Brad to lease 5700 square feet office area space. One week later, he brought me a good tenant that lasted 3 years. Also, during those 3 years he leased the remaining part of the building after I moved out of my personal space. Fast forward three years, the first tenant Brad put into my building moved out. I decided to return to Brad to list this property again, but this time, he acquired an even better deal in three weeks’ time. The Action Brad put together an intense marketing campaign to ensure that all prospects would see the space was available. A tenant’s representative, in Dallas, Texas, saw the posting online about this propert