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July Newsletter : Power and Impact of Mentors

From: Brad Neihouser The World Headquarters Of Coldwell Banker Commercial In Lafayette, Indiana For the full version of this newsletter, please email me at Hello, This month we are diving into a heartfelt message regarding mentors. While reading this message, think of mentors you have or had in your lifetime. Power and Impact of Mentors   Almost everyone has had a mentor in life or somewhere in their history. I have had several, but one who recently passed away comes to mind: his name is Robert Wuethrich . To most of you, that name won’t mean much, but to me, he was my music mentor. I love to sing, especially in the gospel quartet I’m a part of. Bob Wuethrich taught us guys who sing in the quartet how to do it right 40-50 years ago, almost to perfection . As many mentors are, he was sometimes aggravating as his favorite saying was “Do it again,” but we learned. We are the singers we are today partly because of Bob Wuethrich’s teaching, encouragement, and pushing u