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The Family Meeting

  THE FAMILY MEETING   A family meeting? Why would we need such a thing? Well, I am here to tell you that one day there will be a meeting with members of your family and the question is who do you want in control of it. Will you or someone else be making the decisions?  Full disclosure, I did not come up with this idea. I read a blog with a similar theme written by a good friend of mine and was inspired. When I approached my wife with the idea of a “family meeting” she was reluctant at first, but as we talked through some of the topics I had in mind, she agreed that it was probably a good idea. When we tossed the subject out to our children and their spouses, they were intrigued and on board. Let me explain what the nature of this kind of “meeting” is and why I believe it is so important.  A substantial amount of my commercial real estate business, mostly farmland, comes from families that have experienced the loss of a parent and do not know what to do with what was left behin