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The Power of Preparation and Experience

I conducted an online real estate auction for four siblings who had inherited an idyllic 240-acre farm from their father. The result of the auction was a purchase price that exceeded expectations by 11%. This incredible result was not born out of good luck alone. With diligent preparation, advice guided by experience, and immense work behind the scenes, we were able to successfully represent this family and close this chapter of their lives in the best way possible. Any broker you call can say, “I can sell that farm!” But not many actually have the knowledge and experience to do it well. With my 30 years of farm sales experience to draw on, we were able to time the auction to yield the best activity. Earlier in the year I strongly suggested waiting until late Fall to auction this particular property and it surely paid off. It was one of those assignments that in the end good preparation met a bit of good fortune. I would love the opportunity to serve you or your clients in the sa

A Trusted Advisor

  Who is your trusted advisor? In many areas of life, we as human beings seek out the advice of others for good, solid guidance in decision-making. Finding someone who will selflessly provide their input without any selfish intentions is important. Advising with your best interest in mind, not theirs. Commercial Real Estate brokers should be such an advisor. Many of our clients depend on us to give advice that best serves them and their situation. From setting a listing price to negotiation offers, your commercial real estate broker should offer advice guided by experience, honesty, and integrity.  If you’re a seller looking to list your property, this might mean providing a candid, objective asset assessment.  If you’re a buyer/investor, they might offer an opinion to steer you away from a bad deal.  Your commercial real estate broker should be your guiding light and strongest advocate - protecting your business, investments, and YOUR MONEY at the end of the day. Of course, this