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Family Dynamics

Good afternoon, Brad Neihouser here  with Coldwell Banker Commercial Shook     in  Lafayette, Indiana. As a part of The Shook Agency I offer location and investment advice to the owners and occupants of primarily farmland, development land, and industrial buildings. Today, I'm going to tell you a story.  It's a story that seems all too familiar today's world. A story of struggles that family members may experience after the passing of loved ones, in this case, the passing of parents. It's also a problem that I have acquired a fair amount of experience in fixing. I hope everyone can learn something from this story. There was a couple who owned a modest, 240 acre farm. They worked the land for many years and were successful in their efforts while also raising four children. The years went by and the couple grew older and so did their children. Their  son dutifully stayed behind to help his parents operate their farm before they passed, and his sisters move