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Why Won't My Property Sell?

So, you've had your property on the market for over a year. Initially, there was some interest, and you heard from your broker periodically. However, in the last eight months, the market seems to have died, and the only time you hear from your broker is when you call to see what is going on. What could be the problem? First, does your property show well?   Are the windows washed? Is the floor free of debris? Have you tended to the weeds outside, or are they growing unchecked? Commercial real estate buyers are no different from any other buyers; neat, clean, and efficient sells. A sloppy and dirty presentation makes it harder for buyers to see the potential in your property. Second, Are you priced competitively in the marketplace?   If other similar properties are priced lower, guess which ones get shown and sold? Unfortunately, not yours. By now, your broker should have had a heart-to-heart discussion with you regarding your property's price. Lastly, is your property getting fu