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So...What Now?

The last six weeks have brought an immense amount of change to the way we live our lives. As we move ahead some aspects will return to normal but regrettably, others may not . By nature, commercial real estate brokers are driven to create connections. We maintain sometimes decades long relationships with clients, we understand that a deal can be struck with a face-to-face conversation and slip away without one. So how will those of us that love to interact with people move forward, while still being respectful of our fellow human beings? I for one will be happy to shake your hand and will probably extend it but if the person on the other side of the table declines to shake my hand that will be fine. A simple greeting of it's fantastic to see you in person will do the job. I will continue to be available for in-person consultations, the lunch meeting will not go away for me! However, I understand that we all will come out of this likely with different level