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Simple Simon Says.. Keep It Simple

In today’s commercial real estate world, we tend to complicate things more than necessary. Really, it’s pretty simple.  Property owners are looking to sell, and buyers are looking to buy. In the same way, a landlord wants to lease their vacant spaces; at the same time, a business owner is looking for a place to rent. Many times, as brokers, we tend to muddy the waters and become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. As a commercial real estate broker, we have three jobs.  First ,  is to find out what real estate problems our clients have.  Are they leasing a space that is too small for their growing business? Is a property owner looking to downsize? Is an investor looking to expand his portfolio?  Whatever the problem is, identify it so that you can determine your approach to the assignment. Second ,  determine solutions to their commercial real estate problem.  Research the current real estate market, determine active investors, or locate opportu

Market Value

Click Here To Watch Video Blog Question of the day . What keeps a commercial real estate client up at night? What do they worry about the most? The number one item on this punch list is what is my property worth in today's marketplace? It doesn't matter if it's a 200-acre farm, a 10-acre piece of land in the path of development, or the building owner trying to get his building leased out. They all want to know what it's worth.  If you are one of your clients has that problem, I can solve that problem. If you would be so gracious as to give me a call at 765 427 5052, we will have a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation.                                  Let's just talk a little bit. This has been Brad Neihouser with Coldwell Banker commercial real estate in Lafayette, Indiana.