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The Challenging Client

  The Challenging Client More than likely, all real estate professionals have experienced a client who is, to say the least, a challenge. This kind of client can be difficult to communicate with, holds unrealistic expectations, might be a little needy, and ultimately requires a higher level of tactfulness and patience to establish a positive working relationship with. But how do you get there? How do you learn what makes this person tick in order to not only get the listing, but also reach a successful closing for both them and yourself?   First, set expectations on the front end. Never promise a client more than you can deliver, and deliver easily. If you as a broker set lofty expectations, the client will not forget that, you’ve set the standard in their mind for what they can get for their property. Then in the end, if those expectations were not realistic, the odds of that client growing sour towards you are high. It’s best to set modest expectations from the outset.  

Determining the Value of Farmland

  Determining the Value of Farmland This is kind of an abstract question to which there seems to be no solid answer. More often than not farmland is bought and sold with no rhyme or reason behind the final sales price. One farm might sell for much too high while another might seem far underpriced. However, in my experience, if you take the time to dig a little deeper into the land quality, location, and neighboring properties, the answer will present itself. First and foremost is quality. What is the soil like? Does the land drain well? These are probably the two biggest factors in value for a buyer in regards to the land itself. If a agricultural property contains poor soil and holds water, a buyer would likely step away. The other variable is location. Now, for farmland, a property doesn’t have to be conveniently located or be highly visible to passersby. In this case, we’re talking about neighboring owners. This kind of property usually changes hands once in a lifetime and mor

The Perfect Closing

  What Does the Perfect Closing Look Like? Even though a listing process from start to finish can take weeks, months, or even years, real estate brokers only get paid when the property changes hands – at the closing. One might assume, then, that brokers would want to do anything & everything in their power to ensure a smooth closing process, yet there are still horror stories of disastrous closings, dissatisfied clients, and ultimately no pay days for anyone. After an offer is accepted and the due diligence process begins (see my previous blog about the due diligence period!) any number of things could come up to derail or hinder the closing. So, what can we as real estate brokers do to help bring our clients to a perfect closing? To achieve the perfect closing, subvert any surprises. Neither the buying or selling parties want to sit at the closing table and encounter an unforeseen or unexpected expense, title issue, financing complication, or other such complication. The mos