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When someone graciously refers someone to you to handle their friend's or family's commercial real estate business, it's essential to approach the situation with professionalism and gratitude. However, how do we do that?

1. Express Gratitude: The first and most crucial step is to sincerely thank the person who made the referral. Their recommendation is a vote of confidence in your abilities, and it's essential to acknowledge their trust and kindness. A simple thank-you note or a heartfelt message goes a long way in showing your appreciation.

2. Keep Them Informed: Keeping the referrer in the loop is a good practice. They referred their friend to you because they believe in your capabilities, therefore, they are naturally interested in the outcome. Regularly update them on the business progress you're handling for the referred individual. This helps maintain a good relationship and reinforces their trust in your services.

3. Deliver Excellent Service: It's crucial to provide top-notch service to the person referred to you. Remember that not only is your trust at stake, but so is the trust of the person who made the referral. Go the extra mile to meet and exceed their expectations, ensuring a positive experience.

4. Size Doesn't Matter: Regardless of the size of the commercial real estate transaction, treat it with the same level of professionalism and dedication as any. Every client, regardless of the size of their business, should receive the best service you can provide. Small transactions can sometimes lead to more significant opportunities, and every satisfied client is a potential source of future referrals.

5. Network and Build Relationships: Remember, referrals are not just one-off transactions but part of a broader network and relationship-building process. The person who referred you once can refer you again in the future if they are satisfied with your services. Additionally, the person you are helping with the commercial real estate business might have further needs or connections in the industry.

So, when someone refers business to you, it's an excellent opportunity to grow your network and reputation. Treat each referral with care and professionalism, regardless of its size, and express your gratitude to those who trust in your abilities. Building strong relationships with both the referrer and the referred client can lead to a steady stream of business opportunities in the future.

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