Wishing You A Blessed Thanksgiving

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As we gather during this Thanksgiving season, with the year nearly 90% behind us, it's a moment for reflection. How do you perceive the past year? Was it a challenging journey, or did everything unfold as planned?

Take a pause and consider: What are you thankful for? I sincerely hope there's a resounding affirmative answer. We all have reasons to be grateful.

Ladies and gentlemen, we reside in the greatest nation on Earth, blessed with the freedom to shape our destinies without the shackles of unwarranted restrictions. Our primary adversary is often our own self-doubt. 

So, this Thanksgiving, I extend a challenge to each of you, as well as to myself — let's shed some of those negative beliefs that often plague our thoughts. The ones that whisper, "You can't do it," or "It will never happen to me," or "My ship will never come in." Believe that you can, anticipate the good that awaits you, but foremost, live with gratitude for what you already possess. We are incredibly blessed.

In this land of opportunity, where hard work and perseverance can lead to success, let's acknowledge our abundance, not just materially, but in the opportunities that abound. This Thanksgiving, as you gather around the table, first, express gratitude to the Almighty for enabling this reality. 

Then, if married, extend thanks to your spouse for their unwavering support throughout the year — for many, the cornerstone of it all. Be grateful for your children, grandchildren, and yes, even your in-laws. The more gratitude we cultivate, the more we become deserving of the blessings bestowed upon us by a higher power.


I sincerely hope and pray that each one of you experiences a profoundly blessed Thanksgiving day.

All The Best To You, 

Brad Neihouser

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