Want to Earn Favors?

We all appreciate calling in a favor from time to time, but how do we earn them?


Recently, I visited with a valued client who is on the brink of retiring from his sales career, he shared a worthy insight with me. He expressed his commitment to mentoring a new generation of sales professionals and emphasized a key principle for success in the industry: proactively engaging in acts of kindness and favors for customers, clients, and vendors. His rationale was simple yet profound – you never know when you might find yourself in need of a favor.


The significance of his advice struck me personally when he reached out to me for advice at his place of business. Admittedly, I initially approached the situation with a hint of reluctance. However, as our meeting concluded, he casually mentioned that the property he occupied would likely be sold in the near future. Furthermore, he expressed a desire to recommend me as the ideal agent to handle the transaction.


I was genuinely taken back by this unexpected turn of events. What initially seemed like a mere favor transformed into a potential significant business transaction. It served as a powerful reminder that the favors we extend today may, in unforeseen ways, return to us with remarkable opportunities.


So, the next time someone seeks your assistance or asks for a favor, consider lending a helping hand. You never know how that act of kindness may evolve into a rewarding opportunity down the road. 

-Brad Neihouser

"Cut Through The Noise. Get Straightforward Advice."


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