Selling The Sentimental Family Farm

Regarding: A Happy Client


In 2018, a client's mother passed away, and they were in need of a farm appraisal. An attorney I know well referred them to me; however before they agreed to hire me, they ensured I checked all the boxes and met their standards. Over the past several years, I regularly contacted them regarding farmland values. In early 2022, they decided it was time to sell the farm. I put together a proposal I shared with the rest of their family members, and we all agreed that I was the person to sell their farm. I advised conducting an online real estate auction to attract qualified cash buyers. This appealed to them, as they did not want any hiccups or buyers trying to arrange to finance or make their offers condition upon selling other farmland. 


I created an intense marketing campaign covering a 10-state radius around their farm. I also contacted all the surrounding landowners and mailed over 600 pieces of information to prospective buyers and prospects, ensuring that their property received the attention it deserved. 


The bidding started slow, which is typical with any auction. With about six hours to go, the bidding became more intensified. As the end time moved closer, the family was able to all get together online and watch the auction in real time. They were astounded at the bidding, and in the end, three buyers dueled to the finish as the auction went 30 minutes into the overtime period. When the bidding was over, the family was amazed by how high the price had gone, as it was considerably higher than we expected. In the end, the success of the auction surpassed all expectations, leaving the family happy by the remarkable outcome. Witnessing the intense bidding and the final sale price, they were reassured that entrusting me with their farm's sale was the right decision.


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